"Proved to be invaluable."

The only thing better than an in-person class with Wendy is an online one-on-one session.  They really get to the heart of what you as an actor specifically need. I recently booked my first professional production and everything I learned from Wendy from walking into the audition room to my final performance on stage proved to be invaluable. — Tom Stackhouse, Philadelphia

“Quality not quantity.”

One thing that's unique about Wendy is she really stresses quality over quantity.  When you're doing the work and getting it right, you're finished for the day. It could be 15 minutes or 30 but if you nail it, you get the positive reinforcement of not having to hash something out when it isn't necessary.  On the other hand, Wendy is always there to support you when extra attention is needed. — Karla Hillam, Australia

“Very down to earth.”

I’m now beginning Tech II as an online student, and I am astounded by the rate at which my classmates and I have improved through Wendy’s training! Wendy is very down-to-earth and supportive while maintaining great professionalism. She makes each class a great experience for both her in-person and online students. — Emily Proffitt, TN


Working with Wendy has been amazing.  My acting skills have continued to improve each session. — Corey Jackson (Everyday Black Man, I Almost Got Away With It)

“I booked the role!”

I've studied and paid for top acting coaches in NY but have gotten little results or improvements from them.  But with Wendy, I get more than my money's worth.  After working with Wendy for several weeks, I started booking on my auditions and had more confidence in the room.  She worked with me on a self-taped monologue for less than three days and I booked the role! — Julie Pham, New York

“Sent my confidence through the roof!”

The first time I self-taped and auditioned for a film role was after working with Wendy. That audition got me two callbacks for a film with over 3000 submissions! Her training sent my confidence through the roof! I have since gone on to book several TV shows, in part, due to Wendy and her exceptional Meisner classes.  Her coaching is a game changer for the serious actor! — Evit Emerson, Durham 

“She's always 100% there.”

Wendy actually makes sure you are able to feel the difference in your good work from your bad work.  She is incredibly generous in her teaching.  She's always, each second 100% there with you. Always. — Aglaia Mora, Italy

“Best monologue he'd ever seen!”

One casting director told me told me that my performance was the best monologue he'd ever seen, and I attribute that to my Meisner training and coaching with Wendy. — Toni Romano, Los Angeles

“My show reel gained industry attention.”

My one-on-one Skype sessions with Wendy really helped me with getting a callback and booking the role.  I also would say consider working with Wendy if you're thinking about creating a showreel.  Thanks to my work with her, it really helped me create a showreel that has gained some pretty good industry attention so I owe a lot to those sessions. — Max Gettler, Australia

“Never done better work.”

I've studied with Wendy time and time again over the last 4 years. Be it full time classes when I'm in the same city as Wendy or online Skype courses when I'm not, I keep going back to her training, because it works. I've never done better work than when in training with Wendy. This training pushes you be truthful, cut the crap and excel. I cannot urge you enough to train with Wendy. — Isobel Yates, Australia

"Incredibly helpful."

Wendy’s audition workshop was incredibly helpful, it highlighted Dos & Don'ts, which seem so obvious now, whilst also giving you a chance to practice these tips in mock auditions. Since then I’ve been offered roles in 9 out of 12 short films and 2 out of 3 plays I've auditioned for." — Libby Brockman, Australia

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