Basic Introduction to good acting techniques - new actors can take a succession of acting classes and train with Wendy, as well as work with students and graduates of her Meisner studio.

Monologues - improve your preparation, crafting and execution.  (This is an 8-session course on the technique of working on monologues.  It should be followed by the Text Particularization course.)

Text particularization - Making your script specific and personal without using your own history.  When Wendy started coaching online, this class was selected 100% of the time by her graduates as the first online course they signed up for.

Truthful, authentic emotional life and how to bring it alive without sense memory/emotional recall and without becoming self-indulgent.

Physical Adjustments - Work with what a lay person would call "character traits."  Accents, drunkenness, pregnancy, illnesses, stutters, cerebral palsy, etc. Think of how many great actors are masterful at doing adjustments without having their acting become "character-y" or inauthentic.

Reality of Doing - Said simply, getting away from acting as pretending and getting into acting as real experience.

Timing - Learn how to really exist in a circumstance and work with your text in a true moment-by-moment manner.  Many people use that phrase but don't employ it effectively.

Memorization- Get faster at memorizing and improve your performance by mastering the Meinser "by-rote" technique.

Preparing the role - If you've been cast in a show and need help getting organized for the work you need to do, Wendy can support you.  Or, she can take you through those steps in a mock situation to strengthen those skills before you are cast.

Scene study - Work with Wendy alone and, when they're available, she will also set up work for you with one of her students from her Meisner studio.  This has proven to be remarkably effective, especially when actors have needed good readers for their self tapes.

Audition Skill Topics

 Wendy coaches rob gaetano in new york with linda schapley online in philadelphia

Wendy coaches rob gaetano in new york with linda schapley online in philadelphia

Interviewing with confidence and grace - Much of the time actors have no idea how weak they are in their interviews. Industry professionals are making judgements from the moment you walk in the room. Learn how to avoid pitfalls.

Prepared monologues for auditions - Two courses are offered under Acting Skills that are recommended for learning how to ace your actual monologue preparation.  Once you get to the point where you want coaching for a specific set of monologues that will be your signature pieces, Wendy will work with you in individual coaching sessions instead of bundled class packages.  Ask her for more detail on how this works!

Audition sides - Get immediate coaching or practice working with audition scenes.

Prepare your self tape - Get acting coaching.  Some of Wendy's clients even use actors from her studio to be their readers while they're taping.

Practice self tapes - Why wait until an important audition comes up?  Practice doing self tapes ahead of time.

Cold readings - Get better at preparing your audition in a short amount of time.  Many times Wendy's clients will walk into an audition room for a TV series and when they arrive are handed new materials.  Wendy can help you be ready for that eventuality!

Show Reels

The Show Reel is as important these days as the resume was in previous decades.  It's a quick way of showing people what it is you can do and how they can best use you.  If you don't already have an impressive reel of professional gigs, you still need something that shows who you are and what you can do.  A well performed reel of your best representative work is all you need for people to take interest in you and quickly understand the breadth of your talent.  When one of Wendy's clients was shut out of auditions for a film she desperately wanted, she quickly made a reel that was appropriate for the role and got it to the director.  He cast her and she booked her first major film credit.

Special Projects

These projects are custom-designed and priced separately.

Meisner training

Work on devising a one-person show

Write an application or grant

Prepare a website and showreel

Change your type and find material to match

Get ready for a move to a major market

Got another idea?  Just ask!

Tips for actors and thoughts on the industry drawn from Wendy's iTunes Podcast series.



If you've been introduced to the Meisner Approach, you are going to love working with Wendy.  She's been teaching it in NYC for well over 20 years and is considered one of the country's best. 

If there are skills within the Meisner work that you need to strengthen, talk to her!  She can work with you one-on-one or set up sessions where you work with actors from her studio. There are many possibilities.

If you're out of Meisner training, let Wendy show you how to use your Meisner skills to your best advantage in auditions.