Meisner Classes Online

The Ward Acting Studio’s video conferencing technology makes it possible for online students to participate as full members of Wendy’s professional Meisner Training program. You’ll achieve the same results as the in-person students — learning to be authentic, developing a strong emotional life and acquiring excellent improv, partnering and script skills — and never have to leave your home.

Actors interested in becoming Meisner-trained must be prepared to attend class twice a week.  They are expected to meet Wendy's high standards of attendance, discipline and commitment. Participants must have a good computer, tablet or phone with strong WIFI, excellent audio capability and a private place to work.  This is challenging training leading to masterful and competitive results but must be approached with a maturity and serious desire to train professionally. 

If your time zone prevents you from participating in her regularly scheduled Meisner classes, talk to Wendy about other options, such as training with a smaller group at a more convenient time. You can also bring together your own class of actors wherever you are in the world.  She can work with any group that have a keen desire to learn, a private space in which to work, and the technical requirements to make online training feasible. You can even discuss having special easy-to-use camera equipment shipped to you for an enhanced online experience.

Book a complimentary consultation to find out how you can join a class. 


Roman Solodoff of Dallas discusses studying Meisner in the Ward Acting Studio’s online program.

Amunet Burgueno talks about the Ward Acting Studio’s online Meisner training.