Rules of the trade "Never give in to complacency" and "Know when to reinvent yourself!"

In a glutted market, every actor must keep raising his/her personal bar in order to stay competitive. Celebrities understand this very well, hiring coaches for specific projects and taking necessary sabbaticals to re-evaluate their careers and commit to new objectives.  The New Yorker referred to this as "McConaissance" in a hat tip to Matthew McConaughey for taking time off to reposition himself not just as a star but as an academy award winner.

We all have to face the facts of this industry.  Our competition is not complacent.  Our competition keeps raising their bar. To sustain serious careers, actors need to keep working with extraordinary mentors, learning and exercising techniques that are relevant to today's industry.

Let Wendy provide that assistance -- whether you need to hone an acting skill, take a hard look at your type and reinvent yourself or need coaching for a special performance, audition or film.  If you don't see what you're looking for listed on the Topics page, let her know.  She's always custom-designing new classes.

Julee completed her Meisner training at the Ward Acting Studio in NYC before switching to online coaching when Wendy moved to Durham, NC.  Among the many roles Julee booked while working with Wendy over Skype are House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and the stage production of Smart People in Atlanta.

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