Online Acting Boot Camps exclusively for online students

July 23 - July 27 and July 30 - August 3

Five days of immersive online acting study with Master Acting Teacher Wendy Ward.

We designed our boot camps for actors wanting to take an immersive plunge.  Classes meet Monday-Friday and include acting classes, script classes, scene classes and classes that address interviewing and auditioning with industry professionals.  It's a ton of practical skill-building and on-your-feet experience. 

Day 1.  Audition: Interview skills.  Actors frequently have no idea how they are blowing their audition before they even get to the sides.  Learn how to interview with confidence and grace.  Find out what mistakes you're making that can easily be avoided and begin talking about yourself and your work in a more effective way.  We'll review everything about how you present yourself -- from your online presence (resumes, reels) to how you walk in a door, to discussing your background and experience.

Day 2.  Text workshop.  This is not your typical "who, what, when, where, how/backstory" text analysis that you learned in school.  This is a better way of approaching your text, making it your own and being sure that you don't set a pre-rehearsed performance.  You'll learn how to bring yourself and your imagination to the text in a way that will immediately improve your performances and your auditions.  You'll also learn how to use these skills when being handed cold material.

Day 3.  Scene/partnership workshop.  Put simply, how to work really well with another actor.  Actors too frequently are concerned with their own performance and are too busy watching and listening to themselves to connect in a masterful way to the partner, the text and the imaginary circumstance.  You'll work with exercises and scenes that will improve this aspect of your work.

Day 4.  Audition:  Interview skills and prepared monologues.  By the fourth day, participants will have prepared one or two monologues and will use them in this second run of the first day's audition class.  This is your opportunity to put everything that you're learning to good use through more mock auditions.  Participants will also receive scenes to prepare for the final day.

Day 5.  Audition: Scenes.  Practicing everything that you've learned in the preceding days and applying those skills to an audition that tests the partnership and text skills that you've been working on during the week.

Acting Boot Camp Logistics 

Choose between a 12:00-4:30pm section or a 6:00-10:30pm section (times shown in Eastern Standard time)  Can't join at these times?  Talk to Wendy about scheduling your own private boot camp.

Each Boot Camp section has a maximum of just 4 actors.  If a section has only one or two participants, the end time could be much earlier.  You will work every class, every day and Wendy will make sure you work at capacity but avoid burn out.

Actors are expected to do homework in preparation for the next day's class.  

Participants must have great internet capability, a private space to work and preferably a laptop with a good camera.  (Some actors have used iPhones and iPads, and that's fine if that's your only option.)

Cost:  $1250

How to join

1.   Schedule a 20-minute consultation with Wendy. 

2.  Follow the instructions for registration emailed to you after your consultation.