At the bottom of this page you can schedule and pay for a single coaching session or an 8-session class. Simply follow the instructions below. Keep in mind that all prices are shown in USD and are subject to change without notice.

Step 1.  Use the service links below to schedule each of your sessions. You are best served by scheduling two sessions per week.

Step 2.  Look for the TIME ZONE drop down box to make sure calendar availability is shown in your time zone.

Step 3.  You'll be prompted to pay for your session(s) when you schedule the first session.  Then, select your remaining sessions.

Before you book anything, remember that all sessions are non-refundable once paid and rescheduling is not allowed.  Your commitment to your training is what will make your one-on-one sessions truly worthwhile, so be sure you can meet all of your class obligations before you reserve your time slots. (Visit Terms of Service for more)


Congratulations! You're about to make a serious commitment to your acting career.