The first time I self-taped and auditioned for a film role was after working with Wendy. That audition got me two callbacks for a film with over 3000 submissions! Her training sent my confidence through the roof! I have since gone on to book several TV shows, in part, due to Wendy and her exceptional Meisner classes. Her coaching is a game changer!
— Evit Emerson
Evit Emerson

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Isobel yates, ipad self tape, october 2016

Great auditioning is a talent unto itself — there’s so much to learn to become truly confident and competitive in your auditions.  From the moment you walk through the door you are being evaluated; it’s not just your acting that counts. 

For many actors, the interview is their weak point. For others it is their monologue or how they’re creating a self-tape. Whatever your concern, Wendy’s got an eye for what might be in your way. Let her help you develop better interview and audition habits and learn to do your best work under pressure.

You'll begin enjoying your auditions. You’ll learn to speak easily and confidently about your work. Your self-tapes will improve, and you might even enjoy the experience when you're handed cold sides.

You’re free to schedule a single session for immediate coaching or schedule an 8-session package to work on areas that need attention. Schedule a consultation using the link on the navigation bar or proceed directly to the Book and Pay page to formally book your sessions.

Audition classes include interviewing with confidence and grace, preparing a better monologue, acing the audition side, creating competitive self-tapes, and training for the cold reading.

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