THE PROCESS:  After we receive your application, we'll contact you about setting up a Skype interview.  Applicants are accepted based on our judgment regarding their readiness to our program and must complete one online course with Ms. Ward.  Because only six actors are accepted, it's important that Ms. Ward work with you in order to place you with students who will be at a comparable level in their work.  In some cases, if there is not enough time to complete an online course before the Boot Camp begins, Ms. Ward may accept you based on the strength of your application and what is revealed in your Skype interview.

Deposits are due upon acceptance, with balances due per the terms in your acceptance email.  If we do not receive a deposit or payment on time, we reserve the right to move another actor into your place.  We fill spaces until six actors have been chosen and deposits have been received.  We will keep a waiting list. 

All payments are non-refundable once paid.  We're looking for thoughtful, disciplined actors that have done the research necessary to be confident our boot camp is where they want to be.

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