Sooner or later every actor must find a group class to work with, but sometimes actors grow immensely in one-on-one sessions or they simply prefer private sessions. Perhaps you’re a beginner and just want to get your feet wet. Or maybe you’re an experienced actor who just needs to address something that isn’t working as well as it should.

Whatever level you’re at, Wendy can provide plenty of feedback about how the two of you can attack areas of weakness and augment areas of strength. Many of her students schedule a string of 8-session classes, while others decide after a few private sessions to join her full Meisner training program. The best thing is to simply get going and use the consultation link to set up a chat with Wendy about your interests and concerns.


Wendy has worked with hundreds of first time actors and appreciates the bravery it takes to begin serious acting training -- especially if you've been waiting many years to realize your dream.  Guess what?  She's got you!  Beginners are frequently her favorite students because they have the distinct advantage of not having already developed bad habits.  A little talent, good discipline and a ton of enthusiasm go a long way.  She'll get you started in simple, introductory classes and will raise the bar whenever you are ready to move to the next level. All you have to do is take the first step and book your consultation.


Wendy has worked with graduates of Juilliard, Yale, NIDA, and WAAPA, and, as good as they were, these actors knew they were missing something. They sought out Wendy’s expertise to identify what wasn’t working and then hired her to help them fix it. Or, maybe you don’t have a degree, but you’ve been working in the marketplace but can’t seem to break into the next tier. Let Wendy help you. Regardless of what you’ve already accomplished, Wendy can provide the guidance you need to change your trajectory. Be certain of this -- your competition is not complacent! If you want to sustain a successful career, you’ve got to put your ego aside and get into a class that will challenge you anew.