Wendy defines "intermediate" as actors

  • who have theater degrees
  • who make a partial living from acting
  • community theater actors
  • and actors who have taken other classes but want to get more serious about their training and their careers

There are times when you just need another set of eyes, some quick expertise, someone to make sure you're doing your best, and someone to provide support and encouragement.  At other times, it's important to get back into training regardless of what you've already accomplished.  Be certain of this -- your competition is committed to getting better.  Just because you have a degree from a good school doesn't mean there isn't room for growth.  Wendy's worked with graduates of Julliard, Yale, NIDA, and WAAPA, and as good as they were, these actors knew they were missing something.  There's a certain "magic" that Wendy can put in your work. Take a look at the Topics page and then book your complimentary consultation with Wendy.  If you don't see what you think you need, talk to her

You can book a single session when you need help with a self tape or audition sides.  Or maybe you need to take a short-term class to address how you interview, to strengthen your emotional life or maybe learn how to work with text in a more compelling way.  There are lots of options, and they're all easy to schedule directly from this website.